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Do not post any support or feature requests here. So here's a short version of the story, limited to the facts. The RaspyFi project had a huge boost of popularity when the 1. Here you can see the result of our work at the time it was published:.

I'm currently using Volumio Beta 1. I'm pending the general availability of RuneAudio 0. Thanks for your great work. Francesco franz. However yesterday I finally managed to download the 0. The longest thing to do has been writing the image to the sd card After that, all was smooth and running at the first attempt, such as - the automount of the USB worked immediatley, even if the file system is ExFAT on Volumio 1.

Anyway keep up the good work. Just hoping it doesn't fade away like so many other Linux projects. It would be nice to put it on auto update Auto update by building a script that updates ArchLinux with all the important things for Rune and include updates for MPD. Allow a rollback feature for safety. Then Rune is just left with ergonomic and beauty tweaks. Reason being is that both ArchLinux and MPD have been marching on, while it's been about 2 years since Rune had an update.

Glad Rune is not getting sleepy. Users browsing this forum: Baidu [Spider] and 1 guest. All times are UTC.Are they all the same? I was using Volumio version 1.

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X and am considering upgrading to version 2. Why is the Moode thread on here so popular? Am i missing something? I thought they were all the same at base level? It always upset me at the lack of rich graphical support for MPD players. I wanted nice scrolling through album artwork on my android but only found contata on PC or Mac that looked good.

Have things moved on? But there are some differences in how the programs are evolving with new features. My personal favourite is moOde audio because i like the way the cover-art, internet radio stations and the playlist are integrated in the play screen. But all three are great pieces of software. I am no software developer, but i think what you want, a rich graphical gui to control the audio player, is a bit much to ask from a headless audio player running on a small computer.

Remember that the whole user interface of these kind of MPD players is brought to your screen using a standard web browser. I think you should look into players "with a head".

That is software that doesn't relay on a web interface, but shows the userinterface on a screen directly connected to your music computer. I don't have experience with kodi myself, but it looks promising. After having tried all three, I prefer RuneAudio over the other two.

Rune is a lot faster to start up, shut down and index the library than both others. Functionally, they are all very similar, but the speed and clean interface of Rune make it the winner for me personally. It may provide a richer interface without the requirement for it all to be handled by the web server on a Pi or other SBC. It may need to be enabled somewhere in the menus though. Once this is done, the player has an UPnP interface through which it can be controlled e.

Originally Posted by MrSlim.They vary from L1 to L5 with "L5" being the highest.

Am I the only audiophile that doesn’t love Roon? + Music review

Visit our partner's website for more details. Do you think we are missing an alternative of Volumio or a related project? Volumio is an headless audiophile music player, designed to play music with the highest possible fidelity.

Some VM images are available, although they're not always kept up-to-date. It can be an alternative to developing directly on target Raspberry Pi, or whatever. System Images built with Volumio Builder. Newsletter Submit Categories Login. Suggest Changes. Popularity 6. Activity 9. Stars 1, Watchers Forks Last Commit 26 days ago.

Programming language : JavaScript. Snapcast 7. Polaris 4. Music browsing and streaming application optimized for large music collections, ease of use and high performance. Navidrome Music Streamer 2.

Popular Comparisons Volumio. Resources Developers are welcome! Check out the resources: Main documentation Setup a dev environment Forum thread for feedbacks and suggestions Wiki there might be some overlap between the documentation and the wiki; in general, consider documentation as the primary information source Volumio 2 Virtual Machines Some VM images are available, although they're not always kept up-to-date.

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Privacy Policy.I am looking for the best possible sound while being ultra easy to use I currently own a Sqeezebox Touch. Is Volumio still the best choice? I've compared them all - MoOde Audio sounds the best, and by a good margin I totally agree, Moode player is the best. Has more configuration options and better sound. Originally Posted by LaxAnErde. Originally Posted by Zootalaws. Volumio was never the best choice Moode handles spotify as well as squeezelite.

Moode can be a bit difficult to install if you find following instructions explicitly a problem. If you're good with that, in an hour you should be up and running. You stream your digital music files via the Pi and out into some analogue audio hardware. With this unit, you still need to find a DAC to talk to, don't you?

Originally Posted by skypoke. Some of you might know that I contributed this or that to Moode. Am I biased!?!? IMO Moode has the advantage being bleeding edge the Debian edge.

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And Tim responds very quickly to new requests. He's introducing new features all the time. A big step back is IMO the lack of custom kernels in 4. The others are not doing any better though. There are also advantages with Volumio. Volumio is better structured git.

Volumio Alternatives, Similar

You'll have a simple image install. It also supports more boards. And offers an APP as remote. I just need an app on Android or iOS as remote. MPD as main engine wouldn't be my first choice either. Been there, ran it -- 10 years ago.

BTW: No to forget. You can also add DietPi to the list. Bottom line. It's all about your priorities.Volumio's first boot takes much longer than normal as it carries out a number of essential operations. Volumio is designed to run headerless; that is to say that there is no graphical UI on the Volumio device itself. Access the Volumio UI from a browser on some other device mobile, tablet etc.

If your device is connected to your home network by an ethernet cable, then it should be automatically assigned an IP address by your router. You should be able to see this address from your router UI, and you can access the Volumio UI by entering the IP address in a browser on your mobile, laptop etc. Generally speaking for Android devices you will need to enter the actual IP address, although some apps will work without you needing to know this.

It is desirable to have a single known static IP address for your device if 'volumio. If your device is not connected to a wired network, then Volumio will automatically start it's own network Hotspot called 'Volumio' and assign an IP address of ' You can log onto this network with the default password of 'volumio2', and then setup your wireless settings as you like from 'Network Settings.

The hotspot will be restarted if Volumio is unable to find your network. Volumio Documentation.Cookies are tiny data files stored in your web browser when you visit a website. At www.

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Check out our Privacy Policy. Keep an eye on your inbox for a monthly roundup which includes all of the top content on Electromaker. Music streaming services such as Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal offer the ability to play virtually any song in a few clicks.

However, a do-it-yourself DIY music streaming server offers more functionality for music lovers. For instance, many rare albums and mixtapes aren't available via the likes of Spotify. Plus, copyright may interfere with the ability to stream music.

Whether you want to stream your ultra-rare copy of "Music for Earthworms," have an extensive collection of lossless FLAC vinyl rips, or just want access to your music collection from anywhere, here's how to create a DIY music streaming server with Volumio on the Raspberry Pi and more!

volumio alternative

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volumio alternative

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volumio alternative

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Marvt74 Start date Sep 14, Marvt74 Active Member. In my previous house i had a raspberry pi loaded with Volumio. This streamed music over the network from a laptop which i use as a home server. Especially since i've just read that my new amp Yamaha S might not be able to take a USB input from linux based devices.

MusicBee seems to be well regarded but before i install that and start playing i thought i'd see if anyone else had any thoughts.

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Khazul Well-known Member. Have you tried the R-PI with the amp yet? No not yet. I use the Roon media system - it is excellent, multi-platform but it not free. Cebolla Member. Marvt74 said:. Thanks guys. Not sure where i read that about the Pi and the S but i can confirm that it's all connected and working nicely. I might have added a little confusion re Musicbee.